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Bloating is such a buzzkill.

Ugh. Bloating. Is there anything freakin’ WORSE? I highly doubt it. I mean how annoying is it when all you want is to look hot as hell in the new tight dress you bought but your stomach just doesn’t want to cooperate?

What a buzzkill.

I feel like every girl I know is constantly complaining about bloating. Whether it’s your time of the month or not, here are my top tips to banish the bloat for good.



I know, I KNOW this one is so basic… But it’s on this list because I swear to the gods of flat tummies that it WORKS. Before your morning coffee, sip on a glass of warm or room temperature water with ¼ of a lemon squeezed into it. Or go nuts and use a full ½ lemon. Just make sure that the water ain’t cold. Icy cold water can actually mess with your digestion (that’s a story for another time) but for now, just know that warm or room temp lemon water is best.

I’m talking first thing when you wake up. Also! Fun fact: drinking lemon water before your cup of coffee in the morning actually makes the caffeine more effective. So boom. Now you have 2 reasons to listen to this one.



Some people can’t stand the taste of ACV. To that, I say that I too was part of this group not too long ago. However, after discovering the insane benefits I felt from drinking it, I am officially converted. You can pretty much call me the ACV queen.

Apple cider vinegar helps to increase your stomach acid (sounds gross, but we actually really need this to go down in order for our digestion to work properly). Most times when people feel tummy troubles they think it’s because they have too much acid when in reality, it’s almost always due to low stomach acid. Drinking 1-2 tbsp of ACV in water between meals (or before you eat) essentially sets up your digestion to run properly all the way through. It helps your body break down food properly which means no reason for your body to bloat!

Not only do I try to drink ACV in water before I eat, whenever I start to feel bloated I drink a ton of it. I swear it is the quickest, best bloat-fix ever.

*disclaimer: do not take straight shots of ACV like you’re in high school chugging Smirnoff. Always add it to water. It’s not good for your pretty pearly whites.



The be-all-end-all for bloating: good bacteria in your digestive tract. You want your body to be populated with good bacteria for many reasons: energy, mood, digestion, immune system… But also for (any guesses?) BLOATING. When your bod is full of good bacteria (aka a flourishing microbiome), you don’t bloat! That’s because these good bacteria make sure your food gets broken down properly and fight off the bad bacteria which can be inflammatory and cause digestive issues. Eating probiotic foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, tempeh or miso daily is a great way to get these in or try a high-quality probiotic supplement with at least 25 billion strains of bacteria.

Probiotics generally take at least 3 weeks of regular consumption to take full effect but when they do you can expect far less gas, bloating, stomach aches, constipation or even most IBS symptoms.



Bitter foods, similarly to ACV, stimulate our whole digestive system to work properly. This means that food always breaks down properly and in a timely manner – meaning no bloating. Bitter foods like dandelion greens, endive, or rapini are great for digestion. Also, you can purchase a tincture of “digestive bitters” from your health food store. These are digestive herbs distilled in alcohol. One dropper-full before you eat and BOOM – goodbye bloat!

If you are someone that regularly experiences gas, bloating or other uncomfortable tummy issues, please reach out to [email protected] for more help & info!



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