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How to become the best you.

You might think you’re a certain way. But the reality is that personalities can change just as easily as your body can change when you start eating better and working out. Your self, who you are, can change over a short amount of time if you engrave new habits and thinking patters into your routines.

The idea that we were born a certain way and that we are indefinitely a certain kind of person is a myth. It is a total and complete LIE!

The way we think of ourselves, our self-image, dictates how we act & what we achieve in every area of our lives. And guess what? Our self-image can change.

If you strongly believe you are a confident and well-spoken person, you will be a confident and well-spoken person.

On the contrary, if you strongly believe you are a shy person that is awful at making friends and crap at socialising, you will be a shy person that is awful at making friends and crap at socialising.

Fast-forward 5 years, and I’m probably one of the most social and confident humans that I know.

Confidence is not a personality trait. It’s a skill.

What you need is already inside of you. You already have those qualities and potentials. You can be that “ideal” and “dream” you right now. The trick is to act as if you’re already there.

Act as if you are already that positive, happy, healthy, loving, hard-working, confident, successful person… And soon enough you’ll be her.

x M