It's more simple than you think..

Today I’m going to tell you a little secret of mine.

This is the number ONE thing that has helped me reach all kind of of goals, big and small. This ONE thing has been the determining factor in my happiness and clarity. It keeps me focused and organised, and most importantly it makes me feel like I’ve got ma shit together.

You ready?


Everything. All of the remarkable thoughts going through your brain, all of your mediocre or extraordinary ideas, every single list that you need to tick off, your daily schedule…

If you want to be a badass unstoppable woman, you’ve gotta do it. It’s inevitable. Get it all out on paper. Writing things down is not only therapeutic, but it’s also a total game changer in how much you accomplish.

I have actually noticed a massive difference in my productivity when I wake up early and go over my notes for the day. When I’m in the mode (girlboss mode), I will write out everything I want to accomplish at night for the next day. I’ll also write out affirmations, visualisations, and my hopes and dreams for the future. I’ll look over those notes as well and they eventually become engraved in my mind.

When I write shit down, I become aware. I remember why I’m on this journey, doing what I need to be doing.

Awareness breeds success. Reminding yourself why you’re doing this, living your dream life, working your ass off… That is the biggest thing.

And (in my opinion) it only works when you’ve got a cute notebook / planner.

I feel so excited to write when I’ve got bomb ass stationary. Think about it as an investment, baby!

I get so many emails and DMs on where I get my favourite notebooks from, and the answer is Juniqe.

I found Juniqe when I got my new flat because on top of stationary, they also do epic wall art. They provide quality, affordable, and beautiful artwork that I’ve filled my flat with!

Back to the notebook chat, you can shop my absolute favourite notebook brand here. (I personally love this and this design)

And as for personal planners, click here. (Obsessed with this one!!)

x M