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Is He Failing To Invest In You?

You've gotta hear this.

The most frustrating feeling ever is liking someone that isn’t giving you the kind of attention you crave. He might be sending you mixed signals… taking days to answer… then asking you to hang out last minute at 11pm. Sound familiar?

He’s not investing in you. That’s the problem.

The thing is, you need to stop blaming the other person. The only person you can blame is yourself. Why are you still chasing him? He isn’t giving you what you deserve and he has you on a plate. If this person isn’t showing you what you need, drop them. This goes for friends, boyfriends, anyone. You can’t change people… You really can’t. As much as you wish you could, you can’t.

If he’s not trying that hard right now, he probably won’t try that hard in a relationship either. I know it sucks, no one wants to hear that. But it’s the truth. I’m doing this tough love thing with you right now, got it?

Just because someone isn’t interested in us, it doesn’t make them a bad person. It simply makes them someone that isn’t compatible with us. Don’t let it undermine your worth! He simply just isn’t the right one.

You’ll find him one day. Just work on being the best version of yourself and I promise one day he’ll appear.

Forget about the losers who are only texting you when they’re drunk. You deserve oceans better.

x M