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This is worth reading.

What if I told you there was a trick you could do that almost assures more success in your day?

Are you already driven towards a goal or a way of life, but you just don’t get enough done in with your time? Do you want to do more? Well, I’ve been using this trick for almost a year now quite consistently and I’ve seen the insane results. And it’s the most simple trick. You ready?

Make a scheduled list of things you need to do for your following day every single night. Look over it multiple times a day. Do the things on the list at the planned times.

When you schedule your day for success, it’s more likely to work in your favor. Having a planned day means that the moment you wake up, you know what you need to do. There’s no room for debating or making excuses, because you have a schedule planned in written form. If you tell yourself to follow the schedule, you will do it! Ideally you would plan these day to-do’s when you’re in a motivated state. I typically keep my planner next to my bed and write everything out before going to sleep, or I’ll jot down the list in the “Notes” app on my iPhone. I prefer physically writing over typing, but it’s totally up to you! Having a nice planner or journal will motivate you to keep this habit up, so here are a few great options below:




Remember, habits are everything. The small things you do every single day will add up and make the most significant change in your future. Keep aiming.

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