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Hi guys! I get questions ALL of the time about the health products I use, my favourite Keto ingredients, my top health resources, which supplements I use and more. So, I’ve decided to make a Master List for you.

I basically buy everything I can on Amazon, as I like to take full advantage of my Prime membership and I find the app sooo easy to use. I buy all of my books, most of my health & home products, and some of my groceries on Amazon. Which is great because I can easily link these all in this post for you! HERE WE GO!


Y’all know how obsessed I am with my bulletproof coffee. My day is 100% better when it’s included in my morning routine. Yes, some people say coffee isn’t the best for you… but they haven’t heard of mycotoxin-free bulletproof coffee. It is good for you AND tastes amazing. Mycotoxin-free coffee is coffee that is tested for it’s mold content. Gross, but most coffee has mold in it! And mold seriously affects your performance and brain function. If you want to learn more about bulletproof coffee, read this book by Dave Asprey. He is one of my favourite health gurus! Moving on… here are my bulletproof coffee staples:

Ground mycotoxin-free Bulletproof coffee (this one if you’re on a budget)

French press coffee maker

Bulletproof MCT oil (this one if you’re on a budget)

Handheld frother (I use this instead of a blender. My NutriBullet broke a few weeks ago and I’ve been using this instead for my coffee… and I love it even more than a blender! So much faster & easier to clean.)

If you want to learn how to make Bulletproof coffee, watch this video.


I take supplements daily. These are the exact supplements I use. I have a whole routine and here it is!

Probiotic (Take in AM)

Vitamin D3 (Take in AM)

Digestive Enzymes (Take before big meal)

Magnesium (Take 2 at night)


I’m obsessed with tea. There’s literally a tea for everything. Here are my favourite ones:

Smooth Move Tea (if you’re a lil backed up.. ahem.. constipated, this will do the trick in a natural way)

Dandelion Root Tea (this is BOMB for bloating. I drink one of these after a big meal and it really helps with my bloat)

Pau d’Arco Tea (this tea really helps with my digestive issues. As some of you know I’m dealing with an overgrowth of candida and some other annoying gut issues – and this is a godsent! It helps kill candida and yeast overgrowth in your bod – so if you suffer from skin/digestive/yeast infection issues… this is for you)

Organic Green Tea (if I need an afternoon pick me up, I’ll reach for an organic green tea like this one for a caffeine boost)


We all have sex… might as well talk about it! I am so picky when it comes to lubes because I do NOT want gross chemicals up my vadge. No thanks. Maintaining a healthy Ph level down there is very important.

Water Based Natural Lubricant (love this one!)

Organic Coconut Oil (I rotate between the two. Coconut oil is the most natural lube ever and it’s amazing because it’s antibacterial/anti-fungal so I feel like it prevents infections etc)


I blame my health on all of the books I read and all of the informative podcasts I listen to. I love a good physical book, I don’t know why… but I really just love to get all cozy in bed after a long day with a good book! Books on personal growth, health, & nutrition are my favourite at the moment. Below are my absolute FAVES!

Eat Fat Get Thin (Mark Hyman is such an incredible functional medicine practitioner! I love all of his books honestly)

Ketotarian (I actually did a podcast with Will Cole! Listen to that here)

The Success Principles (this one is more of a success/personal growth book – but it is my #1 recommendation to anyone! It honestly changed my life!)

The Bulletproof Diet (such an informative book – you will learn SO MUCH)

Grain Brain (this book explains why grains are ruining your health. Intense but YOU NEED TO READ IT!!)

Vegan Keto Cookbook (a good staple!)

The 2 Meal Day (my friend Max wrote this book – he is so informative when it comes to fasting! Listen to our podcast here too)


Macadamia nut butter (obsessed with this! Such a great snack with celery sticks or on some chia pudding)

Almond flour (I’ve done some keto baking with this one – and it’s so good! Check out my keto fibre brownie recipe here)

Sugar-free brown sugar (sugar-free sugar? Trust me on this. It’s made out of erythritol & stevia. Great for baking!)

Coconut low-carb wraps (obsessed with these. Add in some avocado & alfalfa sprouts and it’s a yummy snack)

GG Crackers (I don’t usually eat wheat, but these are so fibrous and helps with digestion so much – I had to try them! I’ve been using them for the past 3 weeks and I love them. They’re kinda gross alone, so add flavourful toppings when eating them. They are so low carb and an awesome way to eat more fibre)


& here are some random health/lifestyle products I use!

Tap water purifier (I attached this to my kitchen tap to get rid of all the grossness from the London water system!!)

Lymphatic drainage body brush (I use this after showering – really incredible for preventing cellulite & promoting circulation)

Ketone test strips (when I’m tracking how deep I am in ketosis, I use these strips)

Tongue scraper (I use this every morning before brushing my teeth. Such amazing benefits – just google “Ayurvedic tongue scraper benefits” and you’ll get the scoop)

I’ll be adding more to my Master List soon! Let me know on Instagram how you guys are getting along 🙂

M x