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Have you ever heard of endoSPHÈRES Therapy? Didn’t think so.

Up until a few short months ago, I was in the same boat as you. I had always thought that eating well and working out were the only two factors needed for reaching your “goal” body. Babe… I was so wrong. Keep reading.

endoSPHÈRES Therapy is essentially a “roller” device (100% non-invasive) that is used on your “problem” areas to get rid of cellulite and promote fat loss through the lymphatic system. This roller uses compressive micro-vibrations to stimulate your muscles and the fat around them.

In other words, this therapy is a pretty epic massage for your tummy & tush. Some other benefits other than promoting fat loss are: eliminates toxins, improves blood flow, drains stagnating liquids, relieves inflammation, and more.

Through this ‘pulsating compression’ method, fat deposits are pressurised and as a consequence loosen to finally break down, which the body can then naturally remove, allowing for the re-shaping of fat and adipose tissue. These spheres also stimulate fibroblasts which are responsible for elastin and collagen production in order to make the tissues smoother and firmer whilst reactivating blood circulation to improve skin tropism and cellular oxygenation.

The amazing Pietro Simone is pretty much the king of endoSPHÈRES Therapy. His clinic is in Sloane Square is my heaven. I’ve been trying out the treatment for almost 6 weeks now and I can’t even tell you guys… It. Is. A. Dream.

My tummy is the first place I noticed a change. The past month I’ve been working out a lot and eating really well, so this was an ideal time to start the therapy. Pietro has helped change the shape of my body. It’s absolutely insane. The sides of my tum have more definition now, and the backs of my upper thighs are smooth and (although I didn’t have much cellulite to begin with) all the cellulite is pretty much gone.

I’m always up for trying out new health trends. But lemme tell ya… this is not a trend. This is a revolution!

I can’t recommend going to Pietro for the endoSPHÈRES Therapy enough. He is so intelligent and well-versed in everything beauty & health.


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