MIMIBEE Magazine is a platform for the modern young woman.


Let’s be real, to be all of the above you’ve got to have your wellness in check. Mental and physical, baby. I want all of these areas to merge into one. That’™s why I created MIMIBEE Magazine. A place where you can explore the latest in all things health, fitness, beauty, life motivation, dating, sex… Plus some non-cringey personal growth (we all need to hear this sh*t). It’™s kind of like talking to a best friend! All of this, just for you.

I’ve always liked to push the boundaries. MIMIBEE Magazine represents that. It represents being who you truly want to be and taking no shit from anyone. It represents taking control over your life and becoming the ultimate YOU.

I believe that when your mind & body are connected and in the right place, your entire life changes.

I want to connect people and influence positive change. My goal with MIMIBEE Magazine is to create an outlet that will remind girls like you to feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin.

MIMIBEE Magazine exists for the sole purpose of pushing you to live to your highest potential. I want you to experience life in the most passionate and extraordinary way. Where’s my favourite place on MIMIBEE Mag? Definitely the ROCK YOUR SOUL category.

My philosophy is this:

“What you feed your mind with determines how you think, how you think determines how you act, how you act determines how your life turns out”

Feed your mind with the good stuff. Not the gossip magazines and the non-thought provoking sh*t… I’m talking the creme de la creme juicy life changing stuff.

Want to experience the best possible YOU? You’re in the right place.

Lots of love,

Mimi Bouchard

Founder of MIMIBEE