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This is the best kind of revenge after all...

Recently the ‘revenge body’ has been sweeping across social media, showcasing that there is no better revenge on a badly-behaved ex than to hit the gym and get in shape. Of course, this will undoubtedly get someone’s attention! If post break up you evolve into a fitter, sexier version of your former self [duh, he’ll be rethinking his fuckboy attitude!]

However, it runs much deeper than just how we look on the outside. While being in shape is a great way to find a healthy headspace… I’m sure there are some of us who don’t feel like hitting the gym quite so hard, may not be able to, or perhaps feel that fulfilment can come another way?

And you are right. The post break up transition is about, to put it bluntly, getting happy and getting over it. By no means is this an easy feat, but when someone treats you badly so much so that the relationship eventually dissolves. And as result, you have to focus on finding a healthy happy life afterwards.

But as well as hitting the gym, you can focus on other areas of your life in which you’d love to thrive.

Revenge career; throw yourself into work, develop yourself professionally. If you’re in a job that’s not quite for you, now is the time to get yourself out there and start doing what you want to do. If someone sees you smashing your professional goals, it shows that you can undoubtedly have success without them.

Revenge awesome friends and family? Absolutely. Surrounding yourself with a support system of people who care about you and have your back, is something that everyone should have.

The main thing that’s important to remember is that ultimately, the best revenge is being happy within yourself. Even if your ex really doesn’t care you’re this better stronger happier version of you, it doesn’t matter. The only person you need to satisfy is yourself. So whether you find it through fitness, work, hobbies, or anything else… Growing from the experience and learning from it instead of letting it damage you means that you can come back stronger. Become a woman who is shaped by what she has overcome, not hindered from when she was hurt.

After all, knowing that you feel satisfied with who you are and having the confidence to get what you want, is the best revenge of all.