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Fool me once...

Nowadays the dating pool can feel more like a dunk in shark infested waters than dipping your toe in a sea full of ‘fish’.  In too many relationships the guy seems to hold all the power and they can sit comfortably knowing that the girl will follow them around waiting for them – no matter how many times they screw up.
Now there’s no saying these relationships can’t last, BUT the girl who goes through years of putting up with his unacceptable behaviour will be far more exhausted than the girl who walks away after his second or third bout of bad behaviour. The second girl will end up finding someone who treats her the way she deserves, without the waste of time.

It’s all about setting the tone from the get go.  Early on in a relationship both sides slowly pave the way of how they want things to go.  For some girls, the idea of being in a relationship and having someone to call your boyfriend can overshadow what they’re willing to stand for.

If he does something that doesn’t sit right… speak up.  It can either go one of two ways.  Either he realises that you won’t stand for being disrespected and that he should treat you better in future, or he argues against how you feel and makes you feel like you’re overreacting.  If scenario B happens, this is when you need to seriously evaluate if he’s worth keeping around.  Because if you let it slide and carry on, there’s a good chance he’ll do it again.  And even though he is the only one that controls his behaviour, he will do it because he thinks he can get away with it.

Let him know from the start where you both stand.  There is nothing more attractive than someone who doesn’t need you, but wants you.  Show him that you want to be with him, but don’t set the precedent that you need him, because that’s when men think they can get away with anything. We all know the famous quote…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.