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It's all about the now. not the when.

“When I make more money I’ll finally be happy”, “When I lose 15 pounds I’ll finally find love”, “When I have more time I’ll finally start that side hustle”. Sound familiar?

This “when I” ultimatum is killing you slowly. It’s in the same family as the “tomorrow I will…” or “Monday is a fresh start”.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Hell, I still find myself there sometimes! But I now know how to shut that voice down. That negative little voice inside our heads thrive on telling us that we aren’t “ready”, or “good enough” yet. These thoughts are a form of procrastination and self-doubt.

Think about it… These thoughts are literally “safety bubbles & defence mechanisms” our brains subconsciously throw at us to stop us from taking risks.

The reality is that the more you act on what you want now, not “tomorrow”, the more you will succeed and the happier you will be. Outsmart your own brain by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, even when it makes you feel uneasy! When you repeat these things over and over again (like actually going to the gym, taking the first steps to starting your own business, etc) you create new habits that over time change your freakin’ life. 

It is totally natural to think these restraining thoughts, and for your brain to feed you these limiting beliefs. The good news is that YOU are in total control of how you react to them. You can either listen to them, and in a few years regret what you never did, OR you can start living your life to your best potential and do all of that badass shit you want to do. Your choice, baby.

Living in the NOW is the truest way to happiness and success. Why not try it out?


M x