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It’s inevitable when you do this.

This is the craziest piece of advice you’ll get for finding “the one”. You ready?

Stop looking and concentrate on yourself.

Crazy, I know. Don’t look for it and you’ll receive it, you ask? How the F does that work?

Listen, the man of your dreams is somewhere out there. The universe is waiting for you to be the best possible you, so that your best possible other half can step into your life.

I have friends who always complain about all the shitty men they date, and they’re continually talking about their impatience of finding the right one. The thing that many women don’t understand is that by doing this “looking for him” thing, they’re pushing him further away.

When you finally meet your ideal and perfect man, he’ll be presented to you when you least expect it. You’ll be putting your energy into yourself and your future. Men are generally attracted to independent women who are so unapologetically themselves. The harder you try, the harder it’ll be.

Spend some serious time with yourself. Figure out what you want to do and achieve in your life. Live every day with excitement and passion and soon you’ll find someone who feels the same way towards life as you.

Do more that interests you. Hell! Take yourself out on dates! Go to an art gallery, go on long walks… go be freaking romantic with YOURSELF.

And maybe on one of those walks, or one of those days at the gallery you’ll meet someone. But who knows? Stop expecting and start concentrating on the most important person in your life: yourself.

When you’re doing what you love and taking care of yourself, the right guy will come around. I promise.

x M